Thursday, August 30, 2012

Abigail Palmer "Sow Hope"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProg Folk
Release date: August 29, 2012
1. Sow Hope 3:29
2. Seventh Heaven 4:28
3. Stage 3:46
4. Sizzle Simmer 3:26
5. So Tell Me a Joke 3:17
6. Sweet Strawberry 3:45
7. Stone Muse 3:07
8. Sigh 3:09
9. S'improvisation 8:15
10. Starting Over 3:32
11. Sleep I Do Not 5:01
12. Shifting Sands 4:21
13. Sink Into the Wind 1:52

Abigail Palmer - Acoustic and electric harp, vocals, piano, djembe, percussion
         accompanied by
Jacob Abuhamada - Guitar
Brian Weakly - Bass
TagG - Rap vocals
David Sobel - Saxophone
Matt Erlichman - Drum set

Abigail's music is very eclectic, creative, and original. She has shades of jazz and celtic style in her music, but she primarily sticks to a progressive feel, seen in her lyrics as well. Abigail also utilizes the beauty of improvisation, and often uses this both in performance and on her album. Abigail's primary instrument is acoustic and electric harp, but she also plays djembe, piano, various percussion instruments, guitar, and sings. On her album she is accompanied by drum set, guitar, saxophone, bass, and rapper vocals. There is a variety of songs and instrumental tracks with no vocals. But every track on the album has different instrumentation and a different feel from the last
4 songs at reverbnation

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