Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Psychedelic Ensemble "Mother's Rhymes"

Country: USA
LabelGlowing Sky Records ‎– MR-007
Format CD, digital
Release date: February 20, 2019 (digital), September 2019 (CD)
1. Mother's Rhymes (8:36)
2. Farewell (5:27)
3. Little Boy Blue (5:36)
4. Little Bo Peep (7:17)
5. Blind Mice (4:11)
6. Simple Simon (5:33)
7. Humpty Dumpty (6:41)
8. Rewrite The Rhymes (7:54)

Total Time 51:15

The Psychedelic Ensemble: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Amy Little: Lead Vocals, & Backing Vocals (2)
Mina Keohane: Lead Vocals, & Backing Vocals (8)
Davis Brooks: Violin, Viola
Lisa Brooks: Vocals (8)
C. Francis: Falsetto Backing Vocals
Raphael Søren: Cello

The album is also chock full of various moods. "Mother's Rhymes" starts with a somewhat folksy, pastoral mood reminiscent of his first couple of albums, before it quickly moves into the mind-filling drama that we have come to know and love. Track 2, "Farewell", is somewhat somber and brings to mind Gentle Giant's "Think of Me With Kindness". Track 5, "Blind Mice", was previously released as a single. It is all instrumental and heavily classically influenced. Track 6, "Simple Simon", begins with a brooding delivery. Track 8, "Rewrite the Rhymes", is fast-paced, up-beat, and happy. It ends with the lyrics "When the bow breaks, the cradle won't fall, and safe will be baby, cradle and all." -- an obvious rewrite of the original nursery rhyme. All tracks run seamlessly together, with a continuous, uninterrupted flow.
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