Saturday, January 19, 2019

Elkhsha "Farther Giants"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Metal, Post-Hardcore
Format: digital
Release date: January 19, 2019
1. Strange Waves (5:44)
2. Letting Go Of Defeat (6:26)
3. Shadow Of The Mountain (5:08)
4. Listen (15:13)
   I. Heretic
   II. Prophet
   III. Falling Labyrinth
   IV. Witness
   V. Loss Of Days / Days Of Loss
5. Secrets Of The Shore (7:37)
6. The Healing Of The Lost (7:31)
7. Already It Is Dusk (8:26)

Total Time 56:05

Erik Lyon: Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Eric Hardeman: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jon Royer: Drums

Elkhsha carry to the table a mixture of progressive rock and progressive metal, often shifting gears from one to the other to suit a track’s individual needs. Keeping in line with the concept of maintaining dominant tones, the rock aspects tend to enter the fray with grace, accompanied by gentle acoustic strumming and delicate-but-purposeful clean vocals, whereas the group’s heavier persona rampages about under the cover of melodious riffs and harsh inflections characterized by a raw delivery. Journeying through the sonic landscape laid down by these elements directs voyagers across calm waters and over treacherous cliffs; for instance, the album’s lead in— “Strange Waves” and the subsequent “Letting Go of Defeat”—pair off naturally within this methodology. 
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