Friday, January 18, 2019

Stephan Thelen "Fractal Guitar"

Country: Switzerland
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock, Ambient
Label: Moonjune Records - MJR096 
Format: CD, digital
Release date: January 18, 2019
1. Briefing For A Descent Into Hell (18:35)
2. Road Movie (13:23)
3. Fractal Guitar (9:20)
4. Radiant Day (8:42)
5. Urban Nightscape (17:34)

Total Time 67:34

Stephan Thelen (Sonar): fractal, tritone, blue sky guitar, granular loops, organ, samples
Markus Reuter (Centrozoon, Stick Men): U8 touch guitar, soundscapes
Matt Tate: U8 touch guitar (bass)
Manuel Pasquinelli (Sonar): drums (1, 2, 4)
David Torn: electric guitar & live looping (1, 5)
Jon Durant (Burnt Belief): cloud guitar (1)
Bill Walker: electric guitar & live looping (2)
Henry Kaiser: electric guitar (2)
Barry Cleveland: guitar atmospheres (3, 4), bowhammer (4)
Andi Pupato (Andreas Vollenweider): percussion  (3)
Benno Kaiser: drums  (3, 5)

Fractal Guitar features the atmospherically dense, polyrhythmic tapestry for which is Sonar is well known, but focuses much more on the sonic and ambient possibilities of the electric guitar. In the liner notes, Stephan Thelen writes : “After a few years of playing without effects apart from reverb in Sonar, I felt the urge to compose and record some pieces in which effects were an integral part of the music. I especially wanted to use an effect I worked with before Sonar, which I call “Fractal Guitar” — a rhythmic delay with a very high feedback level that creates cascading delay patterns in odd time signatures such as 3/8, 5/8 or 7/8. The other desire I had was to work with and to have some serious fun with a few of the many great guitarists I've met over the years to create an album that features some of the more forward-looking possibilities of the most mysterious, compelling and eclectic of all instruments, the electric guitar. ” 

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