Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rammen "The Echo & The System"

Country: Greece
Genre(s): Istrumental Post Rock/Metal
Format: digital
Release date: January 27, 2018
1. Crimson (2:36)
2. Being Unnecessary (4:15)
3. Silence Is Medicine (3:46)
4. Santurnday (3:32)
5. The Echo (3:32)
6. Something Went Terribly Wrong... (2:52)
7. The System (3:46)
8. In Sorrow (5:16)
9. Love (4:01)
10. Urban Scavenger (3:24)
11. The Buildings Are Mountains (3:47)

Total Time 40:47

Thanasis Georgiadis - Guitars
George - Bass
King Dragon - Drums

Greece’s Rammen and their album The Echo & The System is yet another example of the fundamentals of heavy and sludgy post-metal done well. Closer to the likes of Telepathy and If These Trees Could Talk, the band have a more than solid formula of reverb and tremolo-washed guitar melodies gliding over driving grooves. Tracks like “Silence Is Medicine,” “In Sorrow,” and “The Buildings Are Mountains” hit hard in just the right ways to nod along, while moments of lull in tracks like “Something Went Terribly Wrong…” and “Urban Scavenger” are a perfectly tuned and darkly mellow contrast that breaks up the similar mid-tempo tracks that fill the album. This isn’t the kind of album that will immediately knock you on your ass and demand your attention. It works in more subtle ways than that. But what Rammen lack in technical prowess they more than make up in building a consistent and compelling musical environment that carries through its entirety without feeling too repetitive. It’s a more than solid album that works in large part because it functions as albums should, a sum greater than its individual parts. (heavyblogisheavy.com)


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