Friday, January 12, 2018

Umphrey’s McGee "It's Not Us"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Eclectic, Multigenre
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: January 12, 2018
1. The Silent Type (3:30)
2. Looks (3:05)
3. Whistle Kids (3:36)
4. Half Delayed (3:36)
5. Maybe Someday (6:36)
6. Remind Me (7:37)
7. You & You Alone (3:59)
8. Forks (4:28)
9. Speak Up (6:05)
10. Piranhas (4:20)
11. Dark Brush (6:04)

Total Time 51:36

Brendan Bayliss: Guitar, vocals
Jake Cinninger: Guitar, vocals
Joel Cummins: Keyboard, vocals
Ryan Stasik: Bass
Kris Myers: Drums, vocals
Andy Farag: Percussion
Joshua Redman: Saxophone (9)

Things get interesting immediately with the second track “Looks,” a groovy prog-funk track with mixed tempos and thumping bass lines. There is even a moment that bares similarities to a Tony Bank’s Genesis keyboard breakdown. This is a fun track and one any prog fan would appreciate... Things kick into high gear with the 5th song, “Maybe Someday,” the group’s dive into progressive rock. All the elements are here, the killer chops, time signature changes, solo breakdowns, and the explosive fast-paced ending complete with finger tapping. Sitting back listening to this one, you might find yourself doing a double take, wondering ‘what in the world was that?!’ Next track “Remind Me” gives off the suggestion that perhaps we are heading back into jam territory with its acoustic guitar groove and mystical breakdown in the chorus. But before the listener can get too comfortable, the band dive straight into prog metal for perhaps the highlight of the album. This is full-on double bass, guitar chunk shred, and it doesn’t let up for the remaining 5 minutes of the song. 
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The Silent Type

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