Monday, July 31, 2017

Zaedyus "Stories From The End Of The World"

Country: Argentina
Genre(s): Progressive Folk Metal
Format: digital
Release date: July 31, 2017
1. Duelo De Facones (1:15)
2. The Lamp Of Mandinga (4:35)
3. Arriving To Eagle's Stone (5:02)
4. The Promise Of Neverland (4:37)
5. Chasing The Dreams (4:45)
6. Train To Alemania (7:13)
7. (Tecka) The Door To... The Alerces Shire (5:54)
8. The Devil's Witch Mistress And The Skinless Dwarf (4:49)

Total Time 38:10

Ale Brukman: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Keys, Acoustic Guitar
Marcela Rotela: Lead & Backing Vocals
Leandro Tactac: Guitars
Leopoldo Oneto: Bass
Luis Monrocle: Keyboards
Roman Peusner: Violin & Sopranino Flute
Sebastián Aldea: Charango

Zaedyus is progressive folk metal band from Argentina, led by composer and drummer Ale Brukman. Their music combines the tried-and-tested hallmarks of European power metal, with a generous dose of high energy violin, and an added interest provided by the variation of moods and time signatures favoured by the purveyors of progressive metal. 
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