Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mike Oldhill "Dark Matter"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD
Release dateNovember 2016
1. Dark Matter (7:53)
2. Synapse (7:45)
3. Panta Rhei (4:36)
4. Three Poisons (7:18)
5. Evil Eye (6:01)
6. Black Memories (5:55)
7. Misgivings (6:10)
8. Shadows (6:15)
9. Qi (5:17)
10. Drawing Hope (6:24)
11. Endurance (11:01)

Total time 74:35

Michael Altenberger - all instruments

He ... incorporates several styles, including melodic prog, jazz-fusion and classical. His influences are plain to hear including Steve Hackett and Robert Fripp (guitars), Rick Wakeman (synths) and Keith Emerson (piano). Whilst the musicianship is impressive in every department, keyboards are undoubtedly his forte.
His piano skills are particularly impressive; something he demonstrates with lengthy solos during Panta Rhei and Black Memories. The classical-flavoured keyboard orchestrations during the latter are also very well done. Elsewhere, tracks like Three Poisons and Drawing Hope have a quirky charm that brings to mind UK instrumental ensemble Karda Estra.
One of Altenberger's favourite devices, which he uses on several pieces is to conclude with sustained Mellotron-like chords à la Genesis. During Misgivings he also borrows the single-note staccato organ riff from Watcher Of The Skies.
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