Friday, October 21, 2016

Various Artists "The New Generation of Turkish Psychedelic Volume I"

Country: Turkey
Genre(s): Progressive Rock, Post Rock, Psychedelic
Label: Ironhand Records
Format: vinyl
Release date: October 21, 2016
A1 Yarımada - Profesyonel - 2:56
A2 irtifakaybediyoruz! - Lala's Song - 7:01
A3 Help! The Captain Threw Up - Floodgate - 4:20
A4 Balina - Azim - 8:21
B1 milankundura - Ran - 6:40
B2 Lopenstraat - Hike - 15:16

Total Time 44:34

Anatolian Rock was one of the most authentic and distinctive contributors of the first global psychedelic upheaval in late 60s and early 70s - and it still echoes in the works of Turkish modern rock bands. Indeed, modern Turkish psychedelia is something that is fully connected to the roots of a natively global sense of expression, which can be easily discriminated from other national products such as American Garage Bands, German Krautrock and British Psychedelia. The uniqueness of Turkish psychedelia is hidden in the historical and geographical exposure of its musical psyche.
Comprised of previously unpublished psychedelic songs by modern Turkish bands, “The New Generation of Turkish Psychedelic Volume I” is the first compilation album released by Ironhand Records. In this compilation you will find new and mind blowing sounds of Turkish psychedelia:
The album opens with the aggressive rhythm and raw melodic bass lines of “Profesyonel” by Yarımada, which is the only song with lyrics in the album. The second title, “Lala’s Song” by irtifakaybediyoruz! is a rage of melancholy amidst wisdom and despair. The third title, “Floodgate” by Help! The Captain Threw Up is a moody yet fluent piece that carries influences of psychedelia and post-rock.  “Azim”, the punchy, clear-cut last title on A side, is performed by Balina from Izmir, which -with their own definition- is a hearty band in love with dark riffs and sorrowful psychedelic sounds. The B side opens with “Ran” by milankundura, which takes us to a thought-provoking trip over a cloud of jazzy sounds. And the closing piece, Lopenstraat’s 15-minute epic “Hike”, is a nerve-shredding adventure in a dusky forest of acoustic and electric sounds.

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