Friday, October 14, 2016

Itzamna "Chascade"

Country: France
Genre(s): Eclectic Progressive Rock, Fusion
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 14, 2016
1. Crippled Monk (2:26)
2. Chascade (5:38)
3. Goodbye Lili (1:53)
4. Duet (5:35)
5. Je Vivroie Liement (6:51)
6. Shalam Pt1 : Ha'Jah (4:42)
7. Shalam Pt2 : Pathocides (4:32)
8. Shalam Pt3 : Thale (6:24)
9. Buakaw (Kills The Palm Tree) (5:58)
10. Nuees (1:30)
11. Red Dragon (4:00)
12. Dies Veniet (12:59)

Total time 62:28

Benjamin Vidal - Piano
Adrien Gretter - Drums 
Armand Jourdain - Bass 
Samuel Dolbeau - Guitar 
Clément Belio - Guitar 
Carla Fernandez - Vocals (5)
Matthieu Romarin - Vocals (11)

Opening with the cinematic waltz of “Crippled Monk”, it becomes immediately evident that Itzamna don’t aspire to paint with the broad brush. Intricate guitar licks meet sensitive piano touches and film score-worthy orchestration, until the tune switches to a bouncy, upbeat rhythm that takes over and leads into the album’s second song and title track, “Chascade”. Guitar and piano once more engage in a poignant relationship, underlined by the precise rhythm section. Originally swirling and lively in composition, the track delves deep into a sombre break towards its middle portions, before once more emerging with the sanguine feel of the beginning, backed by the again stellar string section.
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