Friday, October 7, 2016

Ben Reed "Station Masters"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Canterbury
Label: Gare Du Nord Records
Format: vinyl+CD, digital
Release date: October 7, 2016
1. Station Masters (4:18)
2. Drifting (3:44)
3. Errata (2:21)
4. Self Possessed (1:20)
5. Only The Sun (2:22)
6. Das Zeichen Der Spinne (4:30)
7. My Gold Is In The Sun (2:36)
8. Be Mine (3:54)
9. Allgones (3:53)
10. Maniac Man (2:57)
11. Woman Overboard (1:46)
12. Dragging The Lake (2:47)
13. Twentieth Tear (4:29)

Total time 40:57

Ben Reed - bass guitar, drums, electric and acoustic guitars, RMI Electrapiano, percussion, mandolin, cello, reed organ, vocals
Georgia Rodger - vocals
Matt Weeks - trumpet, fluegel horn, valve trombone
Ross Stanley - Wurlitzer electric piano, organ
Catherine Shrubshall - saxophones, bass clarinet
Laura Groves - vocals

Station Masters, Ben’s first non-instrumental album, is part whimsical, introspective, very English singer/songwritery with a late 60s/early 70s influence which blends together Folk, Jazz and Psychedelic Pop………. it resonates with a really mellow 60s swinging bachelor pad vibe that evokes The Free Design, Zdenek Liska, The Left Banke, Fifth Dimension and Oz Mutantes………combined with the pastoral, bucolic air of the Canterbury Scene and the post psychedelic era of Kevin Ayres and Robert Wyatt, and more in keeping with the earlier albums, part quirky early 70s Prog like Virgin used to sign, such as bands like Henry Cow, Slapp Happy and Hatfield & The North, with elements of Soft Machine, Stackridge and Caravan added to mix.
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