Monday, May 27, 2013

Operation: Milksnatch "Sadly Temporary"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelNebulost Records
Release date: May 27, 2013
01. Midwife Crisis (0:14)
02. What? Bulbous Flabbergasted Flatulent Afterbirth! (3:37)
03. Spoiled Rotten (3:18)
04. The Planet From Outer Space (7:50)
05. Cerebral Vascular Accident (0:29)
06. S.O.A.C. (10:24)
07. Cotton Patch Rag (2:02)
08. Circadia (6:34)
09. Zygodactyl (9:08)
10. Hemogloben (14:06)
11. Black And White Rag (1:50)
12. Past Your Eyes (13:25)


Jason Rufuss Sewell: Vocals, Guitar and Bass 
Al Martin: Drums 
J.D. Gardemeyer: Bass and Guitar 
Kory Rosander: Violin and Vocals 
Erik Christianson: Keyboard 

 The music of Sadly Temporary defies genre classification, but is deeply rooted in progressive rock with slight hints of bluegrass, metal, classical, and jazz-fusion thrown in here and there. Some influences like Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Danny Elfman and Gong will be immediately identifiable, while others like The Carpenters, and Jeff Buckley are more subtle. The music tends to be complex, but this is not the focus of the songwriting. Rather Sadly Temporary is concerned with interesting melodies and harmonies based on pop/rock sensibilities with surprising interludes intended to catch the listener off guard. The Lyrics of their first CD tend to be light hearted, comical social/political commentary largely using dairy products as metaphors for the human race's on-going struggle for power
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