Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fughu "Human (The Facts)"

Country: Argentina
Sub GenreProgressive Metal/Rock
Label: self-released
Release dateMay 25, 2013
1. Void (3:57)
2. Quirk of Fate (6:42)
3. The Play (2:45)
4. Climb (7:22)
5. Vater (4:06)
6. Winter (4:42)
7. Till the Days I Die (1:55)
8. The Facts (7:31)

Ariel Bellizio: Electric Guitars & Backing Vocals
Santiago Bürgi: Lead Vocals
Alejandro Lopez: Drums
J.M.Lopez: Bass Guitarr
Marcelo Malmierca: Keyboards
Damian Wilson: Vocals
Dario Schmunck: Vocals

Both albums, Human -The Tales, and Human -The Facts are complex and elaborated albums, based on profound and far reaching concepts, almost like a rebel and nonconformist response to mp3 disposable music that in these days rains over us, and I have to say, both albums are so solid that when you listen them from beginning to end the similarity with an audiobook, rare and innovative, is more than imminent.
Human – The Facts is a conceptual work, newer and much more risky, a little more symphonic too, especially because of the enveloping and atmospheric keyboards, and because that in addition to Santiago’s vocals, which naturally are emotive, there are also Damian Wilson and Dario Schmunck showing their talent. The work is detailed, complex, almost surreal, with a story that begins like all stories: with a woman. Framed by cryptic letters, condensed characters with their own personalities, all surrounded by the same progressive symphonic rock, theatrical ala Andrew Lloyd Weber, with neoclassical touches, always off bounds close to operatic singing style, sometimes desperate, sometimes sweet, but always emotional forming harmonies and a rare and disturbing hybrid of ecclesiastical chants and battle cries. Stands out Void, which begins with an a capella whisper and goes in crescendo to end in chaos and guitar power. The Play, a beautiful piano ballad sprinkled with breathtaking vocal harmonies, Vater, peeking out even more Dario Schmunck’s vocal intensity in an explosion of dramatic power, and of course, the ever majestic interpretation of Mr. Wilson on Quirk Of Fate.
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