Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little Atlas "Automatic Day"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Label10T Records
Release date: May 14, 2013 (digital), June 3, 2013 (CD, retail street date July 18, 2013)
  1. Oort 8:53
  2. Apathy 8:32
  3. Twin of Ares 7:52
  4. Emily True 7:03
  5. At the End of the Day 8:42
  6. Illusion of Control 9:58
  7. Darvocet Eyes 8:38
  8. We All Remember 4:17
  9. Automatic Day 5:57
  10. Escape Velocity 3:10

Steve Katsikas (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Sax)
Roy Strattman (Guitar)
Rik Bigai (Bass)
Mark Whobrey (Drums)


While researching Little Atlas prior to writing my review, I often came across the "neo-prog" tag, which may have been applicable to the band's earlier output, but definitely not to the music showcased in their newest release. If Little Atlas in 2013 need to be compared to some other act, it is certainly not to Marillion or any of their modern-day followers, but rather to contemporary prog icons Porcupine Tree. And therein lies one of Automatic Day's main problems. While listening to the album, the influence of Steven Wilson's main gig is often so pervasive as to be uncomfortable, though thankfully relieved by Steve Katsikas' ruggedly impassioned vocal style, quite different from Wilson's smooth (and, to be perfectly honest, slightly soporific) tones. I would also be so bold as to state that Automatic Day sounds better than anything Porcupine Tree have done since Deadwing, definitely more cohesive in songwriting terms and without too many concessions to the alternative/metal fad.
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  1. I can't believe that you have been given permission to write reviews for the DPRP. I don't necessarily take issue with the fact that you don't like the Little Atlas album...I love it, but it's a matter of taste. What you are saying, though, is that Porcupine Tree's "The Incident", and "Fear of a Blank Planet", should not be recommended by DPRP. That is a classic case of not being aware of your own subjectivity, which is sin number one of the reviewer. Also, of all the Little Atlas albums, this one, is CLEARLY the best, and I think most would agree with that...including the DPRP reviewers who have reviewed the previous Little Atlas albums, since they recommended those albums. This shows how out of line you are with the other reviewers of DPRP. Personal vendetta against the band maybe? And, of course, the magic word "TEN". That is the number every reviewer gives when they've only listened to an album once, but they want to lie and say they've listened to it more than once in order to justify their negative comments. There is no way in hell that ANYONE would listen to an album ten times if they don't like it. I would bed $100,000 that you did not listen to this album 10 times, and that you only listened to it once...AND that you're completely full of shit. I see that you don't play an instrument. Of course you don't. Another classic example of someone who has nothing whatsoever to contribute to the world of music or art, so the only thing they can do is to designate themselves an "authority on music" and lazily and easily sit back and criticize the hard work of others, while being in a position where others can't criticize you. Isn't that convenient for you? Trey Anastasio has a sticker on his FX pedal board that says "No one ever made a statue of a critic". This statement applies to you more than anyone else. The main problem with the internet is that it gives any random ASSHOLE a voice.

    1. Be attentive when reading and polite when writing. I'm not Raffaella Berry.

      By the way, she backs up her opinion with five paragraphs of ALBUM'S ANALYSIS. Your arguments are like "I love it", "this one, is CLEARLY the best", "I think most would agree with that." Don't you see a problem here?

  2. Yes, the problem is that you don't seem to realize the significance of the fact that I don't put myself on a pedestal and claim to be an authority on prog music and designate myself a critic, unlike Rafaela who is not qualified to review albums. Yes, she wrote 5 paragraphs that don't, in any way, explain why it should be "not recommended". If you read all the other reviews of this album, virtually every one supports my statement that it's their best album yet. Rafaela's initial complaint is that the album is not balanced because there are long songs at he beginning and short songs at the end. What the hell kind of a tasteless and juvenile perception of art is that? We are talking about an album...a work of art...not organization of a closet. That is a common characteristic of unsophisticated and close-minded prog fans; "Long is good. Short is bad". She even calls the short songs "filler". Those are excellent songs. She says Porcupine Tree's 'The Incident' is not recommended. Need I say more? Rafaela, hang it up. You have a very primitive taste and you are sadly unaware of that. Learn to play an instrument. Maybe it will help you to stop trying to make a name for yourself by criticizing what you clearly don't understand.