Saturday, January 9, 2021

For Giants "There, There"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: January 8, 2021 (CD, digital), April 30, 2021 (vinyl)
1. Being (3:51) 
2. The Lucky Ones (4:48) 
3. What Happened To You (4:27) 
4. Help Is Not Coming (4:39) 
5. Church (4:52) 
6. Wood And Vine (4:26) 
7. How To Die (3:45) 
8. Bartending For Ghosts (4:48) 
9. October Moon (4:26) 
10. There, There (4:59) 

Total Time 45:01 

Earl Lee: Guitar, Bass
Eric Lowery: Guitar, Bass

If you were invested in that phase of melodic-djenty-progressive metal from 2010-2015, you’ll probably love this, or at least appreciate the nostalgia. It had a certain appeal to people of my age range (20-25) with this enthusiastic charm and novelty to it that you could go down a rabbit hole. From early-Intervals, to bands like I Built The Sky, or Widek. The crisp production and writing style, especially for instrumental acts, quickly felt familiar and easy to come back to. For Giants harness that same energy with youthful, emotive melodies balanced with playfulness and bouncy polyrhythmic grooves. The hints of a Tides of Man style post-rock add a unique expressive tone in what is one of the first standout instrumental metal albums of the year. (heavyblogisheavy.com)
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