Friday, January 29, 2021

Steven Wilson "The Future Bites"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Progressive Pop
Label: Caroline International
FormatCD, vinyl, digital, Blu-Ray, cassette
Release date: January 29 , 2021
1. Unself
2. Self
3. King ghost
4. 12 things i forgot
5. Eminent sleaze
6. Personal shopper
7. Man of the people
8. Follower
9. Anyone but me

Steven Wilson - guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesisers, samplers, autoharp, percussion, vibraphone, shortwave radio, vocals
David Kosten - programming, synthesizers, drone
Yali - voices
Mia - voices
Richard Barbieri - synthesizers (2)
Wendy Harriott, Bobbie Gordon, Crystal Williams - vocals
Rou Reynolds, Rina Mushonga, Mos Capri, JAKL - vocals
Yali, Mia, Emilia, Lihi, Romi, Guy, Gali, Mati, Tom, Shai - the kids (2)
Michael Spearman - drums
Blaine Harrison, Jack Flanagan - vocals
Nick Beggs - chapman stick, phased guitar, cutlery
London Session Orchestra conducted by Guy Protheroe - orchestra (5)
Elton John - voice (6)
Rotem Wilson - voice (6)
Fyfe Dangerfield - vocals
Adam Holzman - doepfer modular synthesiser (8)

King Ghost


  1. That stinks about the future dates thing. Guess the future does, indeed, bite.

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