Friday, June 7, 2019

Pholas Dactylus "Hieros Gamos"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelAMS - AMS305CD/AMSLP150
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: June 07, 2019
Part 1
1.Hieros Gamos

Part 2 – Ognuno da lande diverse
2.A personal gift
3.Yellow and blue
4.I don’t want…
5.Ogni volta che tocco il tuo viso
6.Ninna nanna per gianluca
7.Une valse pour nous
8.Ballata di un mercante di sogni

Paolo Carelli - Vocals
Maurizio Pancotti - Piano, Organ
Rinaldo Linati - Bass
Tobias Winter - Guitars
Csaba Papp - Drums

The album, divided into two parts – one that bears the album title and consists of a long suite, and a second entitled “Ognuno da lande diverse” (each one from a different land), consisting of seven shorter compositions – presents itself in a beautiful way, thanks to the marvellous artwork made by artist Tiziano Crisanti.
In the words of the musicians themselves, “Hieros Gamos” is the attempt to conjugate (wedding) the past with the present, the old and new generations, the different styles, the dead spirits and those still incarnate into living people, in the awareness that nothing can pulsate without this union of profound empathy (sacred). The title-track is a 22-minute suite composed by pianist Maurizio Pancotti that once again sees Paolo Carelli and his iconic reciting voice: here, the references to the original absent musicians are the starting point for revitalizing musical and non-musical messages, that Pholas Dactylus (more intended as an energetic force than a group of people) does not want to disperse.
“Ognuno da lande diverse” is instead a collection of short individual compositions, signed by the three original musicians that are still operative today (Maurizio Pancotti, Paolo Carelli, Rinaldo Linati) who, since the dissolution of the group in 1973 until the present day, have followed completely different and isolated paths, without any professional or private contact: an attempt to show how dissimilar and heterogeneous itineraries contain sparks that can eventually bring to unexpected conjunctions.


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