Friday, August 9, 2019

Hemina "Night Echoes"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: August 09, 2019
1. The Only Way   
2. What's the Catch?   
3. We Will    
4. One Short   
5. Flat   
6. Everything Unsaid   
7. Nostalgia   
8. In Technicolour   
9. Flicker

Douglas Skene (Anubis) - Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
Mitch Coull - Guitars and Vocals
Jessica Martin - Bass and Vocals
Nathan McMahon - Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Selin Akbaşoğulları - Additional Vocals (6)
Phill Eltakchi - Additional Vocals (4)
Tom de Wit, Shane Ian Leadbeater, Harrisen Walden, Mairead Walden, Lachlan Arvidson, Simon Bowles, Luke Delbridge, Radina Dimcheva, Anthony Stewart, Reece Denton, Jay Orr, Jevginiy Kasputin, Rico Kallirgos, Daniel Straka, Mark Ashby, Fernando Segundo, Bart Sluis and Aaron Austin - Gang Vocals

The band’s fourth album ‘Night Echoes' is the most collaborative work to date offering the eclectic flavours of what fans have come to expect in the past as well as a new palette and range of emotional expression never before heard from the group. Hemina return with a more concise 45 minute concept album exploring adolescence, nostalgia, grief, and loss in the 21st century with a thematic arc to accompany and elaborate on their previous conceptual output.
‘Night Echoes’ is Hemina at their most emotional and melodic without ignoring the aggressive and venomous side that keeps the music in balance.

What's the Catch? Links:
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