Monday, July 1, 2019

Fine Soft Day "You Are Here"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: July 1, 2019
1. River
2. Reason
3. Journey To Hear
4. Five Songs
5. Time Flows By
6. Roll Up The World Pt. 1
7. Grandfather
8. Dance Of The Little Lights From Nowhere
9. Rhyme
10. Time Is Running Out
11. Roll Up The World Pt. 2

Mark Sweeney - keyboards, vocals
Jeff Gascoyne - bass, guitar, violin, vocals
Martin Hanbury - guitars, vocals

Fine Soft Day were regular performers across the folk rock scene. In the summer of 2018, however, the band reformed with the intention of trying out some new material and to record some of the older songs which had never been committed to the studio.
The new album incorporates strong influences of progressive rock, containing elements of early Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd to name a few. The band’s original folk roots were now replaced by soaring guitars, sweeping keyboards, strident bass lines and rich, complex vocal arrangements.
You Are Here is a concept album, unashamedly. Built around a themes of hope and humanity stretching across two points in history but connected by a single point on the earth – the weaving together of time and space. The album features lyrical and musical motifs that recur throughout the material, in different guises, leading to the culmination of the 14 minute epic finale, Roll Up The World (Part 2). But alongside the progressive influences, there are elements of country rock, lending a flavour of R.E.M and Neil Young amongst others.

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