Friday, June 7, 2019

Thirteen of Everything "Our Own Sad Fate"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Symphonic
Label: Basement Avatar Records
Format: CD, digital
Release dateJune 7, 2019
1. Dark Energy (6:37)
2. Storm Season (5:17)
3. Event Horizon (8:43)
4. Walk On Water (9:28)
5. Life Is Change (5:14)
6. West Texas (7:13)
7. Plague (9:01)

Total Time 51:33

Mick Peters: Chapman stick, bass guitar, Taurus bass pedals, nylon acoustic guitar, lead vocal (7), backing vocals (5)
Ted Thomas: drums, percussion, lead vocal (1, 5)
Joe Funk: electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizers (6)
Bruce McIntosh: keyboards (1-4, 6, 7)
Thad Miller: synthesizer (5)
Brett Crosby: electric guitar (5), guitar solo (3)
Rick Clark: vocals
Mark McMillan: violin

"Our Own Sad Fate" is an album that has been in development for around a decade, and I understand members have both come and gone in that period. Which may be a reason for the diversity of the music on this album. But all the songs play out well, and maintains interest easily throughout. While perhaps not a finely polished gem it is still a solid jewel this one, and a production that merits a check by those with an equally strong passion for 70's era symphonic progressive rock and mid 80's neo-progressive rock.
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