Saturday, June 1, 2019

Ihlo "Union"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Metal/Rock
Format: digital
Release date: May 31, 2019
1. Union (06:07)
2. Reanimate (05:31)
3. Starseeker (07:33)
4. Hollow (06:58)
5. Triumph (04:54)   
6. Parhelion (07:26)
7. Coalescence (15:14)

Phil Monro - Guitars
Andy Robison - Vocals, Sound Design
Clark McMenemy - Drum Production
Connor Mackie - Guitar solo (1)

Ihlo belongs in the list of modern progressive metals acts alongside such bands as Tesseract, Haken, Leprous, and Distorted Harmony.  However, I do not find them overly derivative of those bands.
Many people have been specifically comparing the music to that of Tesseract.  What that means is that Ihlo plays modern progressive metal with djent on their brains.  They honestly sound more like a band out of Australia, especially in their chosen guitar tone.  However, I find that the djent is done in good taste, and the band focuses more on the overarching melodies that they pair with their stuttering riffs.  I think this band has much more to offer, and you can especially hear that in the second half of the album.  Their music overall comes across as smooth, rhythmic, and melodic; with fantastic instrumentals and electronic accents that really get your blood flowing.
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