Friday, April 6, 2018

Built-In Obsolescence "INSTAR"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive/Post Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: April 6, 2018 (digital), June 9, 2018 (CD)
1. Dance Of Falling Leaves (7:48)
2. Sine Requie (7:36)
3. The Wave (6:23)
4. Ground Launch Sequencer (0:43)
5. Project: Almaz (4:34)
6. Watching The Wake (0:57)
7. Shara (5:49)
8. Lashes (7:33)
9. Biotronic (5:53)
10. AD 9878 (4:01)
11. Ecdysis (9:37)

Total Time 60:54

Valerio Biagini - bass guitar
Gianmarco Ciotti - guitar
Bruno Galli - drums
Paolo Sanchi - vocals
Alex Semprini - guitar
Alexios Ciancio (Deadly Carnage, Omega, Martyr Lucifer, Tha Goblvnz March): Tuvan throat singing (2)
Daniela Moroncelli: cello (1, 6, 11)

INSTAR’s main strength sits in its variation. Boasting influences spanning across a whole universe, from heavier death and thrash to classic and progressive metal, from post-metal and post-rock to even ambient and electronic, BIO craft an album that is always in motion and in constant transformation keeping the listener hooked for the whole run. The album convincingly feels like a concept album, centred on the exploration of space and gravitating around a solid narrative of notes and words.
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