Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Haten Kohro "Ushiwaka"

Country: Japan
Genre(s): Progressive Folk Rock/Metal
Label: Wisterience
Format: CD, digital
Release date: April 3, 2018 (CD), April 28, 2018 (digital)
1. Prologue Of Ushiwaka (2:43)
2. Morning Star (3:38)
3. Katana (4:26)
4. Raimei (2:40)
5. DA (4:47)
6. Ume Wa Saitaka (3:48)
7. Kenkon Itteki (4:41)
8. Over The Bridge (4:16)
9. Kamimai (4:29)
10. Kumadori (2:38)
11. Ushiwaka (4:25)

Total Time 42:31

Yoshie Kajiwara - Violin
Zenya Sakata - Guitar
Katsuhiko Endo - Drums
SADA - Bass
Izki - Vocal (6)
Shamisen Izki - Vocal (6,11)
Akihiro Kasuga - Piano (5)

Hatenkohro is an outstanding artisan group (a combination of a band and a performance troupe) that performs all around the world. While inheriting Japanese culture and taking a step forward from the norm, they perform theatrics and music that makes people want to “watch one more time”. They strive to perform domestically and overseas, exhilaratingglobal audiences with “authenticity” in each field of art while crossing boundaries of language and cultures.
Hatenkohro gathers authenticity from various fields of performance. Backed by deep low-end
sounds created by guitar and bass, outstanding beats, glittering flourish of violins and other instruments, they demonstrate Japanese and Western stage combat.

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