Saturday, April 7, 2018

Valis Ablaze "Boundless"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Alternative Progressive Metal
Label: Long Branch Records
Format: CD, digital,
Release date: April 6, 2018
1. Afterlight (2:58)
2. The Crossing (5:17)
3. Lumen (5:55)
4. Evade (6:22)
5. Hex (5:24)
6. The Static Between Us (5:40)
7. Signals (1:49)
8. Faster Than Light (4:47)
9. Frequency (3:30)
10. Paradox (6:02)
11. Reflections (6:13)

Total Time 53:57

Phil Owen – Vocals
Ash Cook – Guitars
Tom Moore – Guitars
George Demner – Bass
Rich New – Drums
Sithu Aye (8)
Drewsif (9)
Reece Fullwood (11)

Although wearing their influences clearly on their sleeves, Valis Ablaze provide an intriguing alternative to the progressive metal norm; swells of creative ingenuity shine throughout, as well as thought out details and subtle complexities that will keep the listener returning again and again.
With their debut full-length, Valis Ablaze present an even more refined sound: low end grooves juxtaposed with soaring vocal lines, crisp milton-cleans and atmospheric synths, all driven by intricate rhythm work and growling bass. A huge spectrum of energy, emotion, power and beauty.


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