Friday, March 16, 2018

Rivers of Nihil "Where Owls Know My Name"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: March 16, 2018
1. Cancer / Moonspeak (1:44)
2. The Silent Life (6:34)
3. A Home (5:19)
4. Old Nothing (4:44)
5. Subtle Change (Including The Forest Of Transition And Dissatisfaction Dance) (8:34)
6. Terrestria III: Wither (3:49)
7. Hollow (5:13)
8. Death Is Real (6:09)
9. Where Owls Know My Name (6:42)
10. Capricorn / Agoratopia (7:50)

Total Time 56:38

Jake Dieffenbach: Vocals
Brody Uttley: Guitar
Jon Topore: Guitar
Adam Biggs: Bass, Vocals
Jared Klein: Drums

Speaking from a neutral perspective, death metal and its various sub styles are often guilty of one thing: the positing of a conceivably indigestible approach, consisting of blisteringly fast pace and unparalleled aggression. Whilst many take great pleasure in this, RIVERS OF NIHIL continually prove their consummate ability to distance themselves from it by striking a rare balance in their sound. The very get go of Where Owls Know My Name displays no less than a tasteful continuation of this principle, with introductory track Cancer/Moonspeak serving to take a reserved, melodic, and atmospheric stance. 
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