Friday, March 23, 2018

Lenore S. Fingers "All Things Lost On Earth"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Gothic Rock/Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music (echo128)
Format: CD, digital
Release date: March 23, 2018
1. My Name Is Snow (2:36)
2. Lakeview’s Ghost (5:05)
3. Rebirth (5:24)
4. Ever After (5:43)
5. Luciferines (5:16)
6. Epitaph (4:46)
7. My Schizophreniac Child (5:10)
8. Buy Track 8. Decadence Of Seasons (5:13)
9. All Things Lost On Earth (5:18)
10. Ascension (1:53)

Total Time 46:24

Federica Lenore Catalano - vocals, acoustic guitars, guitar synth
Patrizio Zurzolo - electric guitars, guitar synth
Natale Casile - bass
Gianfranco Logiudice - drums
Anna Murphy - keyboards, synth, hurdy-gurdy

Self-proclaimed Gothic Rock and Metal, their style oscillates between light Doom, Avantgarde and – for sure – Progressive Rock and Metal. Indeed, their tune boasts quite a few traits of gothically tainted Evanescence, but eternally reminds me of the mature productions of Moon Haven and their ilk. ...
Compared to the band’s 2014 firstling Inner Tales, Lenore S. Fingers lost a lot of their doom this time around. And in its wake you will detect a subdued, yet strangely nonambiguous melancholy that still remains. All this settles into a distinct change in sound, which sends this album on a slightly different course than its predecessor. All Things Lost on Earth gets you the ambient acoustics of many folk outlets, thoughtful lyrics in an Avantgarde setting, just to disintegrate into the meaty beat true metal fans crave. In short, Lenore S. Fingers presents a very complex amalgam of styles. A much heavier yet juicily alluring set of earthy tones that you will have difficulty to put down.
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