Friday, March 2, 2018

Mile Marker Zero "The Fifth Row"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: digital
Release date: March 2, 2018
1. Source Code (2:17)
2. 2001 (5:11)
3. Digital Warrior (7:24)
4. The Architect (5:17)
5. Building A Machine (6:38)
6. Victory (5:25)
7. JCN (4:31)
8. Middle Game (1:29)
9. Propaganda (5:42)
10. Sacred Geometry (2:56)
11. Clarity (1:29)
12. UI (3:53)
13. 2020 (4:20)
14. Age Of Jason (3:59)
15. Collective (6:40)

Total Time 67:11

Dave Alley - Vocals
John Tuohy - Guitar
Mark Focarile - Keyboards
Jaco Lindito - Bass
Doug Alley - Drums

One of the most pertinent aspects of The Fifth Row’s overall sound is its deliberate and effective blending of progressive elements spanning multiple decades of notable influences. The album exudes a respect and reverence for many prolific groups and musicians, acting as a love letter to the more traditional niche of the genre. You can hear shades of Rudess and Jon Lord color the keys, echoes of Lifeson to Banks lilting on the strings, hints of Portnoy and Peart pounding on the percussion, and so on. Most commendable is how Mile Marker Zero not only manage to make this sound fresh and non-derivative, but also in how they expand on these sounds using more modern progressive structures and ideas along the way.
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  1. These dudes are killer. It's great to see a new PROG band that focuses on tunes and plays in standard tuning haha.