Friday, July 14, 2017

Big Bad Wolf "Pond Life"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Jazz/ Math/ Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: July 14, 2017
1. Canary (5:16)
2. Flats In Dagenham (6:08)
3. Frog (6:14)
4. Quiet Coach (9:16)
5. Hopkins' Choice (4:32)
6. Grassfish (7:28)
7. Pond Life (6:02)
8. The Plight Of The Typewriter (7:42)

Total Time 52:38

Owen Dawson - Trombone
Michael De Souza - Bass VI
Rob Luft - Guitar
Jay Davis - Drums

Their music has a quirky, feel-good factor and incorporates a spacious math rock ambience with elements of jazz and prog. The result is an album that is fresh in its approach, progressive in its outlook and contemporary in its sound.
One of the most interesting and unusual aspects of the band's sound is the prominent role played by the trombone. The interplay between the guitar and the trombone is one of the album's many standout features. Both instruments subtly support each other during the ensemble parts, and there are many occasions where either the guitar or the trombone takes a lead role. The expressive use of the trombone gives the album rich tonal quality.
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