Friday, July 28, 2017

Rising Core "Under Thoughts"

Country: Spain
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJuly 28, 2017 (digital), August 25, 2017 (CD)
1. A Call Breaks The Silence (2:27)
2. Out Of The Blue (5:36)
3. Broken (5:10)
4. Falling (4:14)
5. When The Fall Begins (3:57)
6. Into Darkness (3:23)
7. Reunion (6:08)
8. Going Up (4:39)
9. Better Choices (4:43)
10. Under Thoughts (2:16)

Total Time 42:33

Veronica Galindo - Vocals and flute
Juan Martin “jg6” - Guitars
Nestor Morente - Drums
Helenca Montañes - Keyboards
Juanfran Jerez - Bass

Rising Core is a Melodic Progressive Metal band from Barcelona. Fronted by Veronica Galindo, there are 10 cuts here, the album kicking off with ‘A Call Breaks The Silence’ that stops just when you think it is about to get going. Second track ‘Out Of The Blue’ is a progressive masterpiece with an awesome fist pumping chorus, while ‘Broken’ slows it down a tad, lyrically a rather sad tune .There are further awesome tracks on what is a very good album including ‘Falling’, the good ‘Reunion’, the pounding ‘Going Up’ with its catchy chorus and the orchestrated film score orientated closer ‘Under Thoughts’. This album is a very mature release from this band, the songs being well structured and melodic to boot. (Dave at avenheartmusic.com)

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