Friday, June 17, 2016

Gojira "Magma"

Country: France
Genre(s): Extreme Progressive Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: June 17, 2016
1. The Shooting Star (5:42)
2. Silvera (3:32)
3. The Cell (3:17)
4. Stranded (4:29)
5. Yellow Stone (1:19)
6. Magma (6:42)
7. Pray (5:13)
8. Only Pain (3:59)
9. Low Lands (6:03)
10. Liberation (3:35)

Total time 43:51

Joe Duplantier - vocals, guitars
Christian Andreu - guitars
Jean-Michel Labadie - bass
Mario Duplantier - drums

It's clear from the very unorthodox opening track of Magma that something about Gojira is very different this time around. "The Shooting Star" is a sharp left-turn from the normally high-energy and driving tracks Gojira chooses to open their albums, opting instead for a more contemplative and introspective approach, and it more heavily relies on a tool the band has used in the past, but is far more intentional and deliberate this time around: clean vocals. Joe Duplantier's haunting voice carries above the hypnotic melodies and driving rhythms, bringing the listener into an almost trance-like state before bludgeoning them upside the head with the more orthodox riffs of "Silvera." The catchy leads and chorus of this track make it accessible enough for the new metalhead, but the crunchy main riff will satisfy even the most seasoned metal listener.
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