Friday, February 12, 2016

Sula Bassana "Shipwrecked"

Country: Germany
Genre(s) Psychedelic, Space Rock
Label: Sulatron Records
Format: CD, vinyl
Release date: February 2016
1. Moonbase Alpha Alpha (9:28)
2. Shushi Express (10:47)
3. No Time : No Eternity (6:19)
4. Planeta Bur (9:14)
5. Shipwrecked (4:43)
6. No Way (2:57)

Total time 43:28

Dave Schmidt aka Sula Bassana - everything

Though primarily keyboard/synth/electronic driven, the opening track Moonbase Alpha Alpha has a rocking and somewhat Motorik rhythmic pulse. The beats and melodies give the music a Kraftwerk/Neu! feel, the drones, floating electronica and syncopations inject a bit of sci-fi soundtrack, and the whole feels like a pulsating and grooving slab of electro robotic yet soundscape enveloped Space Rock. Shushi Express ups the rhythmic ante with a dancey tribal groove which is coupled with a pulsating Eastern flavored chant drone and shamanic melody. I like how Sula combines multiple contrasting yet seamlessly cohesive repetitive elements to create a hypno-throb meditational groove meets alien dance party piece. No Time: No Eternity is like an Eloy/Floydian Space-Prog soundtrack anchored by a single attention grabbing throb beat and a spellbinding Mellotronic string melody. Sula escalates the trance-throb effect on Planeta Bur, which is characterized by mesmerizingly swaying harem scarem Arabian melodies, drones and atmospherics. The title track is a peacefully somber yet uplifting electro string ensemble that my mind’s eye sees performed among the planetarium dome stars. And No Way is a brief early 70s analog synth sounding call to cosmic prayer coda to this outstanding set.

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