Friday, February 26, 2016

Headspace "All That You Fear Is Gone"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Metal/Rock
Label: InsideOut
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: February 26, 2016
1. Road To Supremacy (4:58)
2. Your Life Will Change (6:41)
3. Polluted Alcohol (6:10)
4. Kill You With Kindness (8:17)
5. The Element (1:50)
6. The Science Within Us (13:14)
7. Semaphore (5:39)
8. The Death Bell (1:49)
9. The Day You Return (3:24)
10. All That You Fear Is Gone (4:53)
11. Borders And Days (5:23)
12. Secular Souls (10:35)

Total time 72:53

Adam Wakeman - Keyboards
Damian Wilson (Threshold) - Vocals
Pete Rinaldi - Guitars
Lee Pomeroy (Steve Hackett, It Bites) - Bass
Adam Falkner - Drums

As for the music within, there's definitely some creativity and variety, yet with echoes of classic prog from Yes to Genesis to Threshold to Hackett. Some things are heavier, like Kill You With Kindness which is thick with riffs, bass and drums, but still has a segue distilled to voice and acoustic guitar in the center. Conversely, The Element dials back most everything to minimalism: voice, light guitar, atmospheric synths. Similar is the short The Death Bell, where piano comes to the forefront with Wilson's voice. The title cut follows a similar motif, quiet, yet with even brighter piano aids Wilson's impassioned vocals.
Alternatively, severals songs, like Secular Souls and The Science Within Us, the two longest songs here, work the juxtaposition of lightness and heaviness with more complexity, having moments and movements feature different elements. For example, within Secular Souls, before the midpoint the piano gets some attention. But after this, a strong bottom end takes over and the sound gets heavier, darker.

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Your Life Will Change

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