Friday, July 16, 2021

smalltape "The Hungry Heart"

Country: Germany
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital, vinyl, 2CD+DVD, cassette
Release date: July 16, 2021
1. The Hungry Heart (4:51) 
2. The Golden Siren (5:30) 
3. Hunger (7:20) 
4. Our Desert (4:08) 
5. One Day (4:40) 
6. Burning House (6:57) 
7. Colors (5:18) 
8. Asylum (2:44) 
9. Where We Belong (2:47) 
10. Dissolution (21:15) 

Total Time 65:30

Philipp Nespital - vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, percussion, electronics
Alexandra Praet - backing vocals, bass
Flavio De Giusti - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, solo guitar
Omri Abramov - tenor saxophone, EWI
Raphael Meinhart - vibraphone
Mark Kagan - violins
Dorian Wetzel - viola
Anton Peisakov - cello
Felix Jacobs - bass
Kelly O'Donohue - trumpet, trombone
Marten Schröder - french horn
Michael Zehe - backing vocals
Scott Thomas - vocals
Valgeir Dadi Einarsson - bass

In his new album, "The Hungry Heart", Philipp thoughtfully refines smalltape’s atmospheric sound, weaving together Artrock and Jazz to produce a tone that’s complex, yet accessible and energizing. The progressive rock album pushes the boundaries of smalltape’s signature sound and confronts critical topics of our times: mental health, racism, gender roles, and climate change. In nine compact songs and one 21-min long track, Philipp takes us on an exploration through the narrative of his generation and examines what it means to cope with the fear and desires that surface with change. "The Hungry Heart" is a beautiful evolution of smalltape’s previous musical approach and embraces a modern sound with influences from jazz, electronic, and minimal music. (beyondrock)

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