Sunday, April 4, 2021

Subterranean Masquerade "Mountain Fever"

Country: Israel
Genre(s)Progressive Metal/Rock
LabelSensory Records
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: May 14, 2021
1. Snake Charmer
2. Diaspora, My Love
3. Mountain Fever
4. Inwards
5. Somewhere I Sadly Belong
6. The Stillnox Oratory
7. Ascend
8. Ya Shema Evyonecha
9. For The Leader, With Strings Music
10. Mångata

Davidavi “Vidi” Dolev - lead & backing vocals
Tomer Pink - rhythm & acoustic guitars
Or Shalev - lead & acoustic guitars
Shai Yallin - keyboards, glockenspiel
Golan Farhi - bass guitar
Omer Fishbein - lead guitar (3), bulbul tarang (6)
Matan Shmuely (Orphaned Land)  - drums
Yatziv Caspi - percussions
Neta Maimon - cello
Oren Tsor - violin, viola
Idit Mintzer - brass (5, 9)
Alon Karnieli, Idan Kringle, Matan Carlos Mandelbaum  & Richard Aevum - gang vocals (2, 4, 6)
Jackie Hole - female vocals (3, 4, 6)
Yakir Sasson - woodwinds (3,5,8)
Ashmedi Melechesh - harsh vocals (4)
Hadar Levi - talkbox guitar (5)
Uri Shefi - bouzouki, oud, louta
Idan David Amsalem (Orphaned Land) - guitar solo (10)

Boasting ten new songs which encompassing nearly fifty-five minutes of material, Mountain Fever push the balance between pioneering experimentalism to our own take on modern pop culture and its manifestation in the Middle East. Revealing an album composed of African and Balkan brass sections, Arabic violins, extended vocal techniques, and several special guest appearances, watch out for radio friendly hooks that emerge out of heavy riffs and polychromatic arrangements.

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