Friday, October 26, 2018

Kris Gietkowski "Symmetric Communication"

Country: UK/Poland
Genre(s): Instrumental Canterbury
Label: Fruits de Mer Records/Strange Fish
Format: vinyl, vinyl+CD
Release date: October 2018
1. F/X (19:38)
   - Transmission In 3...2...1... (4:58)
   - Deep Fried Calculations (8:50)
   - The Final Equation (5:50)
2. A Visit To Newport Hospital (8:24)
3. Divided By Zero (11:04)

Total Time 39:06

Kris Gietkowski - all instruments

Heads-up all you lovers of Canterbury Prog, here is the latest from Kris Gietkowski. So let me start by saying no one loves the Canterbury sound more than Gietkowski. I previously reviewed his album that displayed his musical interpretations of Egg’s album The Polite Force and here he’s back with three tunes that in many ways perpetuate that musical genre with his own personal spin. These three instrumentals ... bear all the hallmarks of music from the early seventies created by such bands as Egg, Hatfield and the North, Caravan and so on.
Read the full review by Jerry Lucky

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Stream 2 

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