Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Aliante "Forme Libere"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Symphonic
Label: M.P. & Records (MPRCD073)
Format: CD
Release date: September 6, 2017
1. Forme Libere (0:59)
2. Kilowatt Store (5:19)
3. Tre Di Quattro (9:29)
4. Etnomenia (6:21)
5. Kinesis (5:19)
6. Coda:Marea 03 (1:46)
7. L’ultima Balena (8:38)
8. San Gregorio (9:27)

Total Time 47:18

Enrico Filippi: keyboards
Alfonso Capasso (Egoband): bass
Jacopo Giusti (Egoband): drums

ALIANTE (meaning GLIDER in English) are a real surprise in Italian music. They are creative, careful, never dispersive and never excessive. They have clear ideas and the right talent to put them into practice. They know perfectly how to play with melody and with harmonious twists to create evocative and emotional enchanting music. A new sound sensation that smells of art and cultivated music without being snobbish. Just a gliding and planing flight, calm, reflective, with a few moments of slight madness in a faster descent can fully describe (or at least give the same kind of sensations) of the music you can hear in this album of ALIANTE. Unpretentious music that wants to open the boundaries of progressive rock to end in wide open skies, where the melody is absolute master and at the same time a travel companion of rhythms and unusual tempos.
If moog solos were executed by a sax we could call it “jazz-fusion” …. And instead, the bass, keyboards, and drums sounds lead us to a symphonic-prog music, brand new but without forgetting the origins. A flight made of bright and breath-taking sounds, echoes of drums with almost ethnic sounds and the cross-beat of a loud bass. And so enjoy this freedom: for ALIANTE, your seat belts are not compulsory. (Olav Martin Bjørnsen at houseofprog.com)
L'ultima Balena 


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