Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Frozen Planet....1969 "Electric Smokehouse"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Instrumental Psychedelic
Label: Pepper Shaker Records (CD, digital), Headspin Records (vinyl)
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: January 11, 2017
1. Ascendant (12:15)
2. Supersaturation (7:40)
3. Shores Of Oblivion (4:48)
4. Sonic Egg Factory (14:29)
5. Pretty Blown Fuse (1:40)

Total time 40:52

Paul Attard - guitar
Lachlan Paine - bass
Frank Attard - drums

This power-jam-trio calls Australia their home but a listen to the music has me thinking that these dudes have some connection to aliens and what not. Whatever it is, these Aussies know something about the outer reaches of the solar system that we don’t, and they’re here to educate us.
As the story goes, this album is entirely improvised. There was no pre-determined mission, no colossal ideas about when the crescendo would hit, nor was there any thought put into the length of the songs. The only thought that was put into this music was in the moment, and you know what, that moment was pretty sweet.
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