Friday, September 16, 2016

pg.lost "Versus"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s): Instrumental Atmospheric Post Rock/Metal
Label: Pelagic Records
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 16, 2016
1. Ikaros (8:34)
2. Off The Beaten Path (6:15)
3. Monolith (6:52)
4. Versus (8:07)
5. Deserter (6:56)
6. Along The Edges (7:55)
7. A Final Vision (8:33)

Total time 53:12

Mattias Bhatt - Guitar
Martin Hjertstedt - Drums
Gustav Almberg - Guitar
Kristian Karlsson - Bass

The album title „Versus“ emerged out of a song idea, that consisted of two very different and contrasting ideas, which were never planned to be one song, but ended up complementing each other. Versus doesn't necessarily describe a relationship between irreconcilable entities, the band explain.
Whilst some elements of the album will be familiar to pg.lost fans, there are some distinct differences to previous releases. The effect-saturated vocals, which were a trademark on previous pg.lost releases, have disappeared on „Versus“, and given way to more keys and synths. Their sound is throbbing with great melancholy, but there is also an element of dirty rock n' roll thrown in, as demonstrated in the crushingly heavy closing section of monumental opening track „Ikaros“, in the distorted bass line kicking off the second track of the album, „Off The Beaten Path“, or in the huge roomy drum sound throughout the record.

Off The Beaten Path 

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