Friday, July 15, 2016

The Night Watch "Boundaries"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: July 15, 2016
1. Boundaries (36:01)

Evan Runge - Violin
Nathanael Larochette - Guitars
Matthew Cowan - Fretless Bass
Daniel Mollema - Drums, Percussion

In its genesis, one is plunged headlong into a tenebrous surging maelstrom of pounding guitar riffs and violin strains alternating between beserker-lust thrashing and the keen wheeling of hunting birds impelled by pummeling drumming and combative bass then, a quiet passage, as if entering a docile vitreous lake – but only momentarily – for, like the contention between mountain trolls and forest elvin – or the struggle between one’s id and their super-ego – a turbulent powerful undulation between instruments progresses, underscored by periodic abrupt reticent truces.
This first fourteen minutes is savage, vivid, and virtually brutal in intensity. Boundaries is a journey, as a river passage, with tumultuous rapids, clear-flowing broad avenues and swift currents – but you are traversing upstream away from the comfortable lowlands into the thin airs, strident zephyrs and stringent tempests of a desolate asperous sierra.
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