Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KingBathmat "Truth Button"

Country: UK
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Progressive Metal
LabelStereohead Records
Release dateJune 6, 2012 (UK), January 21, 2013 (worldwide)
1. Behind The Wall 9:15
2. Abintra               8:37
3. Book Of Faces  7:06
4. The End Of Evolution  9:00
5. Dives And Pauper       5:56
6. Coming To Terms With Mortality in the face of Insurmountable Odds 10:30

Digital release includes bonus tracks
7. Slipstream
8. Lines and Dots
9. Dives and Paupe

-John Bassett / bass,vocals
-Lee Sulsh / guitar
-Bernie Smirnoff / drums

While exhibiting a diverse array of influences, the end result is nevertheless very coherent and effective. For example, the first song “Behind the Wall” begins with a classic heavy metal style riff, which suddenly transitions into a dreamy arrangement of spacey guitars and delicate synths, yet the transition doesn’t feel jarring. Each change is perfectly accentuated by the drums, and the bass alternates between grooving through dreamy guitar-keyboard psychedelia and doubling the guitar parts with heavy forcefulness. This excellent instrumental cake is then iced with rich vocal layers, often with a catchiness that any pop artist would envy.
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