Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thoughts Factory "Lost"

Country: Germany
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
Release dateFebruary 15, 2014
1 Awakening (4:28)
2 The Deep Forest (12:20)
3 Desperation (5:25)
4 Light (1:51)
5 Voices From Heaven (13:25)
6 No Way Out (7:08)
7 The Mire (4:51)
8 Death Of A Dream - Bonus Track (15:59)

Marcus Becker - Vocals
Sven Schornstein - Keys
Bernd Schönegge - Bass
Chris Maldener - Drums
Markus Wittmann - Guitars

Thoughts Factory are a German Progressive Metal band influenced by different styles and genres. But "Lost" is much more than a combination of different influences. The album shows Thoughts Factory as a band with a sophisticated concept that succeeds in expressing their ideas through the music as well as the lyrics. "Lost" is a concept album that takes the audience on a personal journey through the mental state of one who is left behind. It processes the emotions and questions he has to face after the suicide of a beloved person. The dark parts have their place as well as straight metal riffs, tender keyboard melodies and euphoric orchestal passages which prove the complexity of the topic. The result is a diversified sound spectrum and a unique listening experience which enchains the listener for the whole running time of more than an hour. Heavy grooves, breathtaking melodies and vocal passages as well as virtosic guitar solo parts prove that "Lost" is not just another ordinary progressive metal album..


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