Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Kindred "Life in Lucidity"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreProgressive Rock/Metal
LabelSumerian Records
Release dateFebruary 25, 2014
1. Wolvish
2. Heritage
3. Everbound
4. An Evolution of Thought
5. Decades
6. Millennia
7. A Grand Debate
8. Seekers & Servants
9. Dreambender
10. Like A Long Life

David Journeaux - Vocals
Matt Young - Keyboards
Ben Davis - Guitar
Steve Rennie - Guitar
Eric Stone - Bass

There seems to be a lot of "this band is boring" from the progressive fans, as well as a lot of "this band tries too hard to be complex/progressive/deep" from the prog-hesistant music listeners. The Kindred (formerly Today I Caught the Plague) seem to have found themselves politely hovering right in what can be thought of as "no man's land" in World War I trench warfare, relatively seamless and original style of progressive music that is as accessible as it is complex and abstract. The Kindred are a group who have undergone a drastic stylistic change along with the change of their name, dropping nearly all metalcore influence for a more progressive metal/rock vibe, and have used this new style to create a very complex and perplexedly deep album and has more than enough accessibility and catch to latch on to.
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