Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dore Mear Beon "An Ode to the Sacrificial Pigeons of the Holmdel Horn Antenna"

Country: Canada
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Rock
Release dateFebruary 12, 2014
  1. Intro (The Death of a Signal is the Birth of the Universe) 00:21
  2. Plato on the Semantics of Pluto 04:59
  3. Be a Pioneer, Be an Anomely 04:04
  4. Fib and Luc 04:30
  5. Birds are Flies to Giants are Microorganisms (Part 1) 04:07
  6. Birds are Flies to Giants are Microorganisms (Part 2) 02:23
  7. Boltzmann's Brain 04:13
  8. The Serenpidity of Static 03:41
Andrew Sagriff  - all instruments

Dynamically ambient and slow-moving, this prog-pop Canadian band will not disappoint. The band is great at changing tensions and speeds, and really playing with the listener’s emotive settings. Time truly becomes a canvas and catch melodies seem to reorganize reality and perception. The guitarist’s tone is so Canadian and makes me think of Matthew Good Band. The music is quiet reserved and more progressive with more of a jazzy fragility than math-rock, but does have more familiar math tangents on tracks like Fib and Luc. The track still encompasses more width and awesome triplet ride sticking patterns and a layered and deepening of the syncopation. The high energy and softened pulse really has a festive and fresh resonance and might put TTNG in shallow waters. The track is standout and matches the fire and flamboyance of any record with the addition of the elongated technique collision we all love. The track even goes into myriad-like scaling laws and nice slow downed fusion shredding. Math-rock in my mind needs more cymbal work and chops in a more tranquil setting to add more dynamical structure and possibility. Boltzmann’s Brain , perhaps the most impressive of tracks when speaking of technicality, is one to study. The track is high sped, wound to the core and tells a story that starts in the sky and ends underwater. Dore Mear Beon really rival the best to show that they are one of the top Canadian math acts. Spread it wide.(dontspreadbullshitspreadmusic.com)
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