Friday, February 14, 2014

Appearance of Nothing "A New Beginning"

Country: Switzerland
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelPower Prog Records
Release dateFebruary 14, 2014
  1. Chains of History  
  2. Without a Reason  
  3. The Seer  
  4. A New Beginning  
  5. Forsaken  
  6. Echoes  
  7. When the Glass Breaks
Pat Gerber – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Omar Cuna – Lead Vocals, Bass
Peter Berger - Lead Guitar
Marc Petralito - Keyboards
Ronnie Wolf - Drums

"A New Beginning" as always,  demonstrates a solid musicianship with only one target to hit: the creativity and the songwriting seems the main focus of those experienced players, the ambiances are hugely innovative and recalls me the great German band SUPERIOR (1996's "Behind" anyone?) with this thick and darkened feel, I think with the recording of “A New Beginning” they reached their supreme goal, it’s clearly an achievement, that it’s what I can call their most mature release ever published. This band always shows a great interest for multi vocals layers, counterpoint, keyboards soundscapes and for extreme ingredients such as growling and grunt, I always feels that it was a good idea, only low point : those vocalizing aren’t always so good and sounds a little forced, except in the song “The Seer” where the voice cocktail is perfect I think, that these kinds of screams are particularly difficult to perform in this concept, the more Gothic singing are generally better and the balance between those antagonist style is pretty well equilibrated.
The influences are ranged from every Progressive style with incursions from Pomp Rock to Thrash and even some slight extreme Modern Metal hints, from JETHRO TULL to NEVERMORE everything is set to brings you to another level of conscience and a regenerated listening experience, they succeed in their method by use each element to find a new development in their evolution, the tracking isn’t always easy to understand but after a few spin the silver platter, it will reveal itself as an essential purchase of the early 2014, very recommended for all lovers of upward clever Metal. (metal-temple.com)

Chains of History

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