Saturday, February 22, 2014

Electric Litany "Enduring Days You Will Overcome"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
LabelInner Ear Records
Release dateFebruary 21, 2014

  1. Intro 02:25
  2. Silence 03:43
  3. Hold Fast To Dreams 03:43
  4. The Soul Remembers Everything 03:03
  5. Vanish 04:25
  6. Name 05:48
  7. Enduring Days You Will Overcome 07:39
  8. In The Morning 04:36
  9. Feather Of Ecstasy 04:18
  10. Empty Sea 03:41
  11. You Make Me Feel 05:05
  12. Farewell (To Setting Flowers) 03:37

Alexandros Miaris : Guitars, piano, synths, cello, voices
Richard Simic : Drums, percussion,
Alex Deligiannidis : Bass
Benjamin Prince : Keys

"Enduring Days You Will Overcome" is the fruit of a difficult and stagnant era. However, confirming every word of its title, it’s proof that the conscious perseverance of creation is the solution to overcome the problems and move forward. The album rises from the ashes of a lo-fi world, maintaining the lyricism and the characteristic "haunting" atmosphere of Electric Litany. Drawing inspiration from Beat poetry, new wave, Byzantine music and solid guitars that form a feeling of dark romanticism. Melancholic odes to the perseverance of the human spirit in face of tragedy.   

Empty Sea

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