Friday, February 28, 2014

Skyliner "Outsiders"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Power Metal
LabelLimb Music
Release dateFebruary 28, 2014
1. Signals 02:56
2. Symphony In Black 07:07
3. Undying Wings 06:34
4. Forever Young 07:55
5. Aria Of The Waters 08:26
6. The Human Residue 07:36
7. Dawn Of The Dead 07:20
8. The Alchemist 06:57
9. Worlds Of Conflict 21:01

Ben 'The Ben' Brenner - Drums, Percussion
Jake Becker - Vocals, Guitar
Nathaniel Curtis - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ashley Flynn - Keyboards

Although Skyliner describe themselves as heavy/power metal (with a progressive mind's eye at the centre) the music on Outsiders has much more to do with power metal than it does heavy metal, although those elements are certainly still semi-prominent, and I feel that their branding downplays just how progressive their music actually is. ... Outsiders is a lot more complex than a typical power metal release. I'd go as far to call at least parts of the album technical power metal. That's not a term you hear put about very often, if at all, the way technical death or technical thrash are, but Skyliner certainly have their moments where such a term pops into my head.
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The Alchemist / The Human Residue

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