Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A.C.T "Circus Pandemonium"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelMarquee Avalon Records (Japan)
Release date: February 19, 2014 (Japan), March 5, 2014 (worldwide)
  1. Intro
  2. The end
  3. Everything's falling 
  4. Manager's wish 
  5. A truly gifted man 
  6. Presentation 
  7. Look at the freak 
  8. Argument 
  9. Confrontation 
  10. A mother's love 
  11. The funniest man alive 
  12. Scared (Japanese edition only)
  13. A failed escape attempt 
  14. Lady in white 
  15. Freak of nature
Jerry Sahlin - Keyboards, Vocals
Ola Andersson - Guitars, Vocals
Peter Asp - Bass, Keyboards
Herman Saming - Vocals
Thomas Lejon - Drums
Jim Gilmour (Saga) - Keyboards
Sara Wendelford - Vocals

A.C.T has recharged the batteries and now give us an album of splendour where the fans are in for a treat with progrock extravaganza, the classic A.C.T sound has returned and a tear almost fall from my eyes when I hear the fruitful "A truly gifted man".
"Look at the freak" is the best song Sparks never wrote back in the 70´s, this band truly has a unique sound of artpop and progrock that is built on love for their heroes such as It Bites, Big Money, E.L.O, 10cc etc.
Read the full review by Kaj Roth at rothnroll.blogspot.com



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