Monday, December 31, 2018

Pedal Giant Animals “Zeitgeist”

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release date: 2018
1.   Zeitgeist
2.   The Approach
3.   Leaving
4.   Eleventh Hour
5.   Fred's Song
6.   12 Jumps
7.   To Venus (Perelandra Mvt. I, Andante)
8.   The Green Lady (Perelandra Mvt. II, Allegretto con moto)
9.   The Golden Feast (Perelandra Mvt.III, Allegro)
10. Blessed Be He (Perelandra Mvt. IV, Presto)

Frank Wyatt (Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun): Keyboards
Stan Whitaker (Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, Six Element): Guitars and Vocals
Kit Watkins (Happy The Man, Camel): Keyboards
Rick Kennell (Happy The Man): Bass Guitar
Mike Beck (Happy The Man): Percussion
Cliff Fortney (Happy The Man): Vocals
Ron Riddle (Happy The Man, Blue Oyster Cult): Drums
David Rosenthal (Happy The Man): Keyboards
Joe Bergamini (Happy the Man, 4Front): Drums
Bill Plummer: Keyboards
Bill Brasso (Oblivion Sun): Drums
David Hughes (Oblivion Sun): Bass Guitar
Chris Mack: Drums
Peter Princiotto: Orchestration, Bass Guitar, Sitar
Dan Owen: Vocals (2)
Keith Macksoud: Bass Guitar

A new progressive music project, Zeitgeist is a collaborative music endeavor featuring members of the progressive rock bands Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, and the Pedal Giant Animals project. The recording project started out as an idea for a Happy The Man reunion CD, but evolved to include many other musicians so another Pedal Giant Animals project was born.
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Marco Ragni "The Wandering Caravan"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelMelodic Revolution Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateFebruary 28, 2018
1. What We Have Done in the Past We'll Be in the Future (11:24)
2. Waiting on the Threshold (11:38)
    The Wandering Caravan Suite (tracks 3-7)
3. Promised Land (4:33)
4. Which is the Right Path to Take? (3:53)
5. It's Only Fantasy (5:11)
6. What are We Willing to Lose to Regain our Freedom? (4:00)
7. Keep Dreaming (9:04)
8. Back Home Again (3:40)

Total Time 55:23

Marco Ragni : Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
Peter Matuchniak: Lead Guitar
Jeff Mack (Scarlet Hollow): Bass
Dave Newhouse: Sax
Maurizio Antonini: Drums

The Wandering Caravan Part II - Promised Land
Keep Dreaming (Single Edit)

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Riversea "The Tide"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD
Release date: late February/early March 2018
01. The Tide
02. Shine
03. Blasphemy
04. Your Last Day
05. Drowning In Vertigo
06. Strange Land
07. The Design
08. Fall Out Warning
09. Goodbye My Friend
10. To Those That Are Left Behind
11. Uprising
12. The Tide (reprise)

Brendan Eyre (Nine Stones Close, Tony Patterson): Keyboards
David Clements: Bass
Alex Cromarty (Dave Kerzner, Mantra Vega, Mostly Autumn, Heather Findlay): Drums
Marc Atkinson (Mandalaband, Nine Stones Close, Last Knight): Vocals
Lee Abraham (Galahad): Guitar
Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf): Guitar
Simon Godfrey (Tinyfish, Valdez, Shineback): Guitar
Tony Patterson (ReGenesis, Nick Magnus): Flute
Paul Cusick: Guitar
Peter Aves: Guitar
Martin Ledger (Heather Findlay): Guitar
Olivia Sparnenn-Josh (Breathing Space, Mostly Autumn): Backing vocals
Janine Atkinson: Backing vocals
Louise Dawson: Backing vocals

Blasphemy (closing section)

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The Samurai of Prog "Archiviarum"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelSeacrest Oy (SCR-1018)
Release date: February 2018
1. Keep the Ball Rolling (6:07)
2. Ahead of Fortune (5:16)
3. La Oscuridad (9:50)
4. Cristalli (5:24)
5. Elitropia (4:56)
6. The Sleeping Lover (8:32)
7. From This Window (10:37)
8. Ice (9:41)
9. Predawn (4:06)
10. Heroes (5:36)

Total Time 70:08

Marco Bernard: Rickenbacker and Dingwall basses
Kimmo Pörsti (Mist Season): drums, percussions
Steve Unruh (Resistor): vocals, violin, flute, electric guitar
Kerry Shacklett (Presto Ballet): keyboards, guitar
Srdjan Brankovic: guitar
Lalo Huber (Nexus): keyboards
Carlos Lucena (Nexus): guitar
Michelle Young: vocals
Octavio Stampalía: keyboards
Brett Kull (Echolyn): guitar
Eduardo García Salueña (Senogul): keyboards
Oliviero Lacagnina (Latte E Miele): keyboards
Michele Mutti (La Torre Dell Alchimista): keyboards
Rubén Álvarez: guitars
Stefano “Lupo” Galifi (Museo Rosenbach, Il Tempio delle Clessidre): vocals
Stefano Vicarelli (Fonderia, La Batteria): keyboards
Marek Arnold (Seven Steps To The Green Door, Cyril, Toxic Smile, UPF): sax, keyboards
Fran Turner: guitar
David Myers: piano
Danny Lopresto (Southern Empire): guitar
Mark Trueack (Unitopia, UPF): vocals


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Friday, February 23, 2018

Poem "Unique"

Country: Greece
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
LabelViciSolum Records
Format: CD, digital
Release dateFebruary 23, 2018
1. False Morality
2. My Own Disorder
3. Four Cornered God
4. Discipline
5. Euthanasia
6. Unique
7. Brightness Of Loss

Giorgos Prokopiou - Vocals, Guitars
Laurence Bergström - Lead Guitars
Takis Foitos - Bass
Stavros Rigos - Drums


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Friday, February 16, 2018

Angra "Ømni"

Country: Brazil
Genre(s)Progressive Power Metal
Label: earMusic
Format: CD, digital
Release dateFebruary 16, 2018
1. Light of Transcendence
2. Travelers of Time
3. Black Widow's Web
4. Insania
5. The Bottom of My Soul
6. War Horns
7. Caveman
8. Magic Mirror
9. Always More
10. Ømni - Silence Inside
11. Ømni - Infinite Nothing

Fabio Lione – Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt – Guitars, Vocals
Marcelo Barbosa – Guitars
Felipe Andreoli – Bass, keyboards
Bruno Valverde – Drums

“ØMNI” is a concept album, a set of science fiction short stories that take place at various places in time, simultaneously. The backbone of the plot is based on the idea that in 2046 an artificial intelligence system will change human perception and cognition. It is a system which will allow conscious communication between present and future human beings. Characters such as time travellers, cavemen, warriors, among others, help tell this story.

The album connects the concepts of previous albums (“Holy Land”, “Rebirth”, “Temple of Shadows”) to one main system, “ØMNI”, which in Latin means "everything." “ØMNI” fabricates an interconnectivity that shines light towards a universal truth: everything that has happened, led to what the band is today. “ØMNI” celebrates and unites the whole history of Angra to this exact, current moment.

Angra’s trademark formula, a Brazilian style mixed with classical music and heavy metal, is enhanced by different influences such as progressive rock, thrash metal, Latin music, djent, etc., which transforms the albums into a swirl of modern and familiar. The conjoined moods and dynamics put a special spin on the lyrics and therefore increase deep sense of immersion in the story. 
Travelers Of Time

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Malady "Toinen Toista"

Country: Finland
Genre(s)Retro Prog
LabelSvart Records (SVART145)
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: February 2, 2018
  1. Toinen toista
  2. Laulu sisaruksille
  3. Tiedon kehtolaulu
  4. Etsijän elinehto
  5. Nurja puoli
Tony Björkman - guitar
Babak Issabeigloo - guitar, vocals
Juuso Jylhänlehto - drums
Ville Rohiola - Hammond, keyboards
Jonni Tanskanen - bass guitar

Malady’s eponymous album was a deserved underground hit, a beautifully realised piece of original Finnish progressive rock which had its roots very strongly in the sound of the early 70s. The second album Toinen toista goes deeper.
Composed and arranged as a collaborative piece by the band, Toinen toista has enough detail to keep one captivated for repeated listens. The music is glazed with the kind of homegrown sweetness only vintage Scandinavian Prog Rock can offer but its insides are complex, with layer upon layer of things to discover.
Toinen toista

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