Friday, February 7, 2014

Kowai "Dissonance"

Country: Netherlands
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release dateFebruary 7, 2014
  1. Yield 05:02
  2. In Retrospect 04:01
  3. Fallen Behind 03:53
  4. The Promise 04:20
  5. Pride 04:12
  6. Man's Downfall 03:25
  7. Earth Below 03:50
  8. Undisgraced 04:32
  9. Ice Cold Sun 06:21
Laura van Nes - vocals
Bertran Zwijnenburg - vocals and guitar
Arjen Bosma - guitar
Ruben Marrenga - keyboards
Rik Beerthuizen - bass
Joost Lobbes - drums

Slightly gothic ProgMetal with great operatic, female vocals.  There are some 'Cookie Monster' vocals thrown-in here and there but they're quite subdued and fit in nicely with the melodic nature of the music giving a good balance with the lead.  Keys are very good and it doesn't stray into PM cliche too often.  On the 'rock' rather than 'metal' end of the PM spectrum with guitars adding the necessary crunch. This is all good stuff but it is the vocals of Laura van Nes that helps it stand out from the crowd.   (Jez Rowden at weekendprog.blogspot.com)

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