Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quasiviri "Super Human"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreMath Metal, Krautrock
LabelWallace Records
Release dateFebruary 15, 2014
  1. Sound Is Now! 04:37 
  2. The Perennial Pose 06:04 
  3. No One To Blame 04:23 
  4. Thoughts Vs. Feelings 05:21 
  5. Gravidance 03:25 
  6. Seasons of Love 04:43 
  7. Super Human 05:13 
  8. Sweet Deconstruction 05:42 
  9. Smudge Life 06:10 
  10. These Wining Dogs 04:25 
  11. Final Prayer 04:17 
Roberto Rizzo - synth & vocals
Chet Martino - 8 string bass & vocals
André Arraiz-Rivas - drums & vocals
Nicola Ratti - guitar on "Seasons Of Love"

 Encountering Quasiviri‘s music is likely to be summed up by the words, “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you”. This highly hybridized experiment is more than a few mouth fulls and exploits star reaching riffs. The oddest part of this song has to be at the end point, solid yet electronic and synthetic textured instrumentation opens with some straight forward heavy metal inspirations and just enough cheese. Within the fuzzy and distorted bass guided frequencies, we really start to see the square implications of 80′s dance tension. More drawn out and melodic lines catch the listener at the same time this realization occurs, which creates a chain reaction of change into the vocal introduction. The voice is a mix of The Cure, art rock and a hint of misplaced Emo revival tones. Almost as though, Mick Karn was singing Queen or something. This Italian band follows in the strange and deformed footsteps of Phinx with the 80′s of tomorrow. (dontspreadbullshitspreadmusic.com)


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